Query property values ignoring tags

If you have a property, such as “client::” and in one case you have the value set to “ACME” and in another case you have it set to “[[ACME]]” then the query language will see that as two distinct values.

In the above example only “[[ACME]]” is clickable and thus navigable to the “[[ACME]]” page
“ACME” is not clickable.

However in the special case of the “Tags::” property, then “ACME” becomes clickable.

I would like the property to be better typed, so its clear whether is text, a set of tags.
And in the case where it behaves like the tags property, then the query for “ACME” would find properties containing 'ACME" “#ACME” “#[[ACME]]” and “[[ACME]]” as if they were all the same.

This looks to be a reasonable issue. Your explanation is also very good. Please file it on Github issues, the devs don’t consistently look around here (anymore).