Query Results in Table Mode, opened in the Right Sidebar, are ALL titled "Block References"

When you Shift-Click a Query Results Row in Table Mode into the Right Sidebar all such Cards are titled “Block References”. When they are collapsed one has no idea which one is which. This doesn’t happen in List Mode Results as one has access to the bullet to Shift-Click onto.

I’m tired of always switching to list mode and Shift-Clicking the bullet to have a properly named Card in the Right Sidebar.

Is there a way to make them be named properly based on the block that was opened in them?

If you Shift + click on the bullet of the resulting Block Reference in the Right Sidebar, the title changes.

Yes, it actually opens another card and closes the previous but it’s still one step more than needed, and if you work with 7-10 cards opened in the right sidebar that you constantly keep collapsed to have any amount of sensible screen real estate for proper working it becomes tedious.