Query Scheduled for today & is on a page

The whole query thing is making my head spin. while I’m not a programmer I always had enough pattern recognition to google and jam together code snippets and make something that works (maybe not on the first try but yeah). Not the case with whatever this is.

Before I pose my request: If someone who is well versed in the whole logseq-query-thing wants to create a gig on fiverr, I’m happy to pay!

What I’m trying to get is a query that finds blocks that are:

  1. On Page [[test]]
  2. scheduled for today

Note: the blocks are scheduled, yes, however they are not TODO blocks.

I’m hopeless, please halp!

Hi there…

I took this info off of the Queries under the Documents on Logseq.com. Below is good info on doing what you are wanting to do.

  • More query examples

      1. Find the blocks containing page “tag1”
        {{query [[tag1]]}}


      1. Find the blocks containing both tag1 and tag2
        {{query (and [[tag1]] [[tag2]])}}

      {{query((and [[tag1]] [[tag2]]))}}

      1. Find the blocks containing either tag1 or tag2
        {{query (or [[tag1]] [[tag2]])}}

      {{query((or [[tag1]] [[tag2]]))}}

      1. Find the blocks containing tag2 but not tag1
        {{query((and [[tag2]] (not [[tag1]])))}}
      1. Find journal blocks created between [[Dec 5th, 2020]] to [[Dec 7th, 2020]]
        {{query((between [[Dec 5th,2020]] [[Dec 7th,2020]] ))}}
      1. Find all the blocks created today (you need to enable [[block timestamps]] before using this query)
        {{query (between created-at today tomorrow)}}
  • DONE finish the demo #tag1

  • NOW fix some bugs #tag1 #tag2

  • CANCELED dance with a bear #tag2

title: Dec 7th, 2020

title: Dec 5th, 2020

those are simple queries and they (currently) don’t support the scheduled function.