Query Search for pages by name? in plugin. by http server

Im trying to make a firefox extension which allows me to bookmark all/selected tabs into a specific logseq page, as a block (title is date, children are links).
I would later want to retreive the contents too.

As far as i can see the only way to realize this is by using the http plugins api.

But there is nothing about searching for pages by name? Like when pressing ctrl+k
I would want to allow the user to search for pages in my extension, so that the new blocks get added to the selected page.

Ive tried this by using queries:
plugins-doc.logseq (dot) com/logseq/DB/q

but i havent been able to find a simple or advanced query which allows me to list all pages which contain a string in their name, especially in a fuzzy way like ctrl+k does.

So is there a way to make searching for pages in a firefox extension?
Either by plugins api or by query over plugins api.

Thank you to everyone who wants to help.
Couldnt put the query page link as new user.

Well ive gotten this case-insensitive page name search working, now trying to find which fuzzy functions logseq uses to try them

:query [:find (pull ?p [*])
   [?p :block/name ?name]
   [(str "(?i)" "MySearchString") ?pattern]
   [(re-pattern ?pattern) ?q]
   [(re-find ?q ?name)]

There exists a fuzzy search function in frondend/search

But i cant seem to use it in a query?
Ive tried fuzzy-search and frontend.search.fuzzy-search
but i keep getting “unkown predicate”

Do queries not have access to arbitrary clojure functions? Or is the namespace / scope just not visible to the query?
I mean it would make sense for security and simplicity…