Query todo to track delegated tasks

Hi there,

a newb to Legseq.
I created pages for each of my team members, and use page refs.

for example,
I have pages like [[John Doe]] and [[Jane Doe]]
then in my journal, I create tasks as

/TODO #[[John Doe]] to do abc
/TODO #[[Jane Doe]] to do xyz

I am looking for a query which list all the todo/doing tasks that I delegated to John Doe and Jane Doe.
Thanks in advance.

According to my understanding, this query should be theoretically possible, practically it does not work for me:
{{query (and (task DOING TODO) (or "John Doe" "Jane Doe"))}}

If you assign properties to the block, e.g. “responsible::”, then it works:
{{query (and (task TODO DOING) (or (property :responsible [[Jane Doe]]) (property :responsible [[John Doe]]))) }}

The syntax for your first query is incorrect.

Should be:
{{query (and (task TODO DOING) (or [[Jane Doe]] [[John Doe]]))}}

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Thanks Till and Siferiax for the reply.

I figured it out with the query builder, exactly like what Siferiax posted.
{{query (and (task TODO DOING) (or [[Jane Doe]] [[John Doe]]))}}