Querying with NOT (not included in, non existent, not equal...)

I’m trying to find out how I can:

  1. Find pages without certain property
  2. Find pages where certain property is different from X
  3. Find pages where that has certain property equal to X but another property different from Y
    and so on.

So basically all kinds of negation.

I was trying to use simple (not … ) but didn’t work.

Like this to find thing that don’t have property class.

{{query (not (property class))}}

Then I tried the complex version, like this, to find what has class different than “Question”:

 :query [:find (pull ?b [*])
			[property ?b :class ?q]
                        (not ?q "Question")		

I’m clearly missing how this query works.

How to find things that don’t have a property?
And a property different from a value?

I also wrote “question” and “Question” in the property class.
Is there a way to make it case insensitive?