Quick way to add a block embed for linked references (drag and drop or link/button)

I often reference or block embed the linked references as I am building a knowledge network. It would be very usefull to do this with drag and drop or with a button/link.

Example: When I read a scientific paper I tend to keep all the ideas in a single literature note for this paper while heavily linking all the important ideas. If I then create the final notes/zettels I block embed the blocks from the literature note, which also appear in the linked reference section of the final zettels. Drag and drop/clicking a button/link would be very fast here.

I would also like logseq to add a keyboard shortcut for “copy the block reference of the block the cursor is currently in”. I copy block references constantly and would love to avoid the mouse for this operation.


With my current Roam workflow, I am relying heavily on a feature of Roam42 that allows 3 functions with 2 keyboard shortcuts:

  1. shortcut A = copy blockref of current block to clipboard — ((blockref))
  2. shortcut B = copy markdown link of current block to clipboard with display text *[*](((blockref)))
  3. highlight text with cursor then shortcut B = copy highlighted text in quotes, followed by markdown link of current block to clipboard with display text *"highlighted text" [*](((blockref)))

These are incredibly useful for research that relies on citing quotes and notes from elsewhere in your graph/database.


I just saw the workflow like this. I think it’s a great workflow being able to drag and drop the reference How to Use Roam to Outline a New Article in Under 20 Minutes - YouTube

That workflow shows the importance of Logseq making it easy to have two notes side-by-side. That is essential, but not enough, because it must also allow everything to be done keyboard-only! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: