Quick way to insert special symbols

A quick way to insert special symbols like ↑ ↓ ± × ≠ α β γ © ® would be very handy for scientific notetaking. Maybe through the gui for accessibility and also through text macros (e.g. :uarr: for upper arrow) for faster notetaking.

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maybe you are looking for actual shortcuts, but since you mentionned uarr maybe this can work for you: it is already possible to enter some inline latex : \alpha \beta \gamma \delta \approx \ne \uarr \darr \larr \rarr \clubs \spades \diamondsuit \ hearts \star
I know some commands don’t work (like \triangle \sphericalangle…) but combined with the font ligatures, it’s still useful.


You can add custom commands too, for example:
:commands [["alpha" "\alpha"] ["beta" "\beta"]].

Now this is just what I wanted, thank you very much.
@tienson Would it be possible to also get autocomplete for the \ commands like the / commands?

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It’s definitely possible but I’d like to implement plugins API first so that more people can join us to implement those features :wink: