Re-index hangs at Parsing files

After upgrading to v0.4.5, I can’t re-index anymore. When overwriting the app (I’m on MacOS Big Sur) with the previous logseq version, bugs start to surface. How to fix this? Thank you!

Hi @fritziccato,

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  1. Are you sure it’s hanging, and not just taking very long? How many files do you have? I have around 3000 and reindexing takes more that 20 minutes on a MacBook Pro.

  2. Can you be more specific on the bugs that surfaced?


Thank you for your reply! Yes, I’m sure it’s hanging, I have <1.000 files, and in v0.4.4 re-index takes only a short amount of time (I’m on a MacBook Pro 2019), while with v0.4.5 I’ve let it parse for hours without finishing.

First, when going back to v0.4.4, of course the JavaScript Error Message, but also notice the different date formats of the two journal days. Furthermore the whole indexing thing is bumpy. When I rename a file this isn’t reflected in backlinked titles sometimes, I get a bunch of new duplicate files with names reflecting some intermediate state of my name editing.

I’ve switched back and forth between v0.4.4 and v0.4.5 a couple of times, repeated the download, re-indexed in v0.4.4 right before switching to v0.4.5, things like that.

Yikes. I think you should file a bug report. Or two.