Re-introduce the DD.MM.YYYY date format

DD.MM.YYYY is the standard date format in my country (Switzerland) and in many other countries in Europe – see List of date formats by country - Wikipedia

As far as I know, this date format has been dropped in Logseq recently due to a technical problem.

We absolutely need it back. If I see a date in the DD-MM-YYYY format, my brain automatically tries to verify whether it is DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY. This causes a lot of distraction in my daily work.

Completely support that.
Please return it!

Hello, Martin.
I figured out how to change the date format to the desired one.
In the configuration file you should change the format by your hands.

Thank you for this workaround.

However, since support for this date format was dropped due to technical issues, I am not sure if this procedure is completely reliable and safe.