Read html documents like pdf

The annotation pdf is so cool, but documents in html format are also so commonnly used. If html documents are read like pdf, it’ll be so cool.

A workaround right now is to use the browser’s “Print as PDF” function. There is an obvious bug on Chrome in my test that spaces in the selected text will be missing, however, it is working fine on Firefox.

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Thanks, I’ll try it.

Yes! This plus epub support would be a research note-taking trifecta for me.


I should add: especially if it can “readify” the page first.

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This would be superb to have. Currently I use the SingleFile browser extension to save webpages as a single HTML and use it’s annotation tool to delete any unnecessary elements like ads or sidebars.

Being able to view these readable HTML files within Logseq would be easier than having it open a separate browser each time, and should be fairly straightforward considering Logseq is already built on Chromium/Electron.