Read + Write Bug - Missing Pages

Rebooting Logseq will often result in my existing graph being outdated (ex: no updates from last few weeks live).

In the past, I’ve solved this by re-indexing/refreshing. Didn’t work today, so I removed the graph and re-added it.

It’s only showing updates up till Jun 1st, and somehow all of the .md pages after this date are not appearing in my Google Drive (local or web). Nor can I find them anywhere else on my desktop.

My guess is these are gone? If anyone has any ideas of where I might find them? Or how I can ensure this issue doesn’t occur in the future?

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Welcome to the forum, Daniel!

A backup of pages is kept in the logseq/bak folder that’s located in your graph’s folder. Check there. But the lesson is: always have some kind of backup system in place when working with local files and beta software like Logseq.

Also, what could cause this issue is when you use a sync service like iCloud or Dropbox. When you do, make sure you never have Logseq open on more than one device at the time, otherwise you can run into sync conflicts.

It’d help if you could provide more information. But if this is a bug, the best place to report is GitHub. If you do, please provide as much info as possible like what sync service you use, what plugins you use, what date format you have set, on what devices you run into this.

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Thanks Ramses!

Backup folder barely has anything :frowning: (and nothing since Jun 1).

Using Google Drive, but haven’t touched my other device for months.

So it looks like Logseq just stopped writing to Google Drive for some reason? Any other ideas or should I report as a bug?

What’s weird though, is I’ve been using it successfully since Jun 1, with lots of new pages/journals. And then they all just disappeared a few days ago. So they had to be ‘somewhere’ and then somehow got deleted?

Please report a bug to get complete visibility of the problem, but there’s been a problem with graphs that have namespaces (page/title/1) and the Android App and/or Google Drive.