Reassign (x) within Right Sidebar

Given that there are already 2 ways to open and close the right sidebar, (1) 3 lines to the right that can be clicked on and off and (2) the keyboard shortcut, I feel like the x to the right of right side-bar could be re-assigned for better use.

In my case, I know when I see (x) when within the contents/favourites window, I often forget and assume the (x) to remove a page from my contents/favourites. So if it was reassigned to do this it would be really helpful.

I may missunderstand you but …

The sidebar stacks multiple pages/blocks that you open and the X does only close the sidebar if you close the last “block/page open in the sidebar”. If you have multiple blocks/pages open all stacked in the sidebar (a feature I use quite often) then the X only closes this particular block/page and the sidebar stays open.

So it already has a different function than closing the sidebar.

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