Recovering an asset

I’ve been using Logseq for quite a while and absolutely love it. The only thing that I don’t particularly love is the way assets are managed. Been reading around the forum different opinions about it and ultimately IMHO having a single folder is probably better so that I don’t have to think about organizing anything and just let Logseq do it for me.

However… Sometimes I want to grab one of those assets and share it via e-mail or instant messaging app. How do you guys handle this? Looking thru all of my files gets tiresome to be honest.


I navigate to the page where I originally placed/ linked the image, than hovering the mouse cursor over the image , clicking on the path [Show image in folder] or use the copy icon [Copy image].
To make this work the image has to be displayed on the page

 ![photo to share with friends](../assets/field_trip/imperial_castle.png)

Yes, the path has to be adjusted manually and it works with sync, too.


This works really well for images! I never noticed that when I click on the Path it actually opens a file browser with the file already selected.

Doesn’t work with PDF’s tho. Nor other types of files… Just tried it out with a .3mf and a .doc file and both just tried to use the default program to open the files. It’s a very logical behavior, but makes it a bit more difficult to actually try to share the file itself.

In my case this is working on Linux (Open SUSE tumbleweed)
running the Logseq v 0.10.8 Appimage,

- [open PDF in its default application](../assets/doc_logseq.pdf)
- ![open PDF inside of logseq](../assets/doc_logseq.pdf)
  • open PDF in ist default application
  • [[ :books: open PDF inside of logseq]]

The latter is also working in iOS 17.4.1 but will only offer a dialog to share or open.

            File Options
Select an option to performe

Yep, removing the ! does allow me to open files in the system default app.

However that’s not really what I was looking for…

What I ended up doing was rather simple:

  1. In Logseq click on the line where my file is linked and copy the file’s name
  2. Open my assets folder in a File Explorer
  3. Search for the file by name
  4. Profit

Feels a bit like a compromise and not ideal for me, but it gets the job done.

Thank yon @westenfalke for all your help and insight!

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You might consider a plug (like logseq-plugin-open-in-external-app) to open images and pdf files in an external app. I did this in VS CODE a week ago to open markdown files in Typora, but I have to admit that the configuration was a bit fiddly.