Reference Panel experiences slugish and slow performance, often causing the app to hang as it loads content

I’ve noticed some users reported this issue where pages with a decent count of linked references become slugish and slow when they scrolling. So I went back and tested some older Logseq versions and to my surprise I found version 0.8.0 and below the performance was buttery smooth. It looks like a change in 0.8.1 was introduced that brought on this choppy behavior, so I have submitted a bug report here = Negative performance impact to the references panel -- introduced after 0.8.0 · Issue #9507 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

I put two videos together to demonstrate the problem. It’s hard to really grasp the performance problem over video so if anybody is seeing this same kind of slow performance I would suggest try downgrading to 0.8.0 and see if that helps, if so then either add a comment if you have anything to add to the bug or add a like.

Logseq 0.8.0 = Logseq Smooth Performance - YouTube

Logseq 0.8.1 = Logseq Poor Performance - YouTube