Reference to PDF file in a block shows as a blank in the exported public page

As shown here, I have some PDF files uploaded or attached to a public page. They show up normally as links in the block, but when this page is exported as a public page (through "Three dots > export graph > export public pages), those PDF links in the exported site (index.html) all show up as empty:

Here’s what it looks on the local page:

In the same test, I had a video attached, and it shows up fine as a link and can be played. Have I done something wrong with PDFs? I assume the PDF media type is supported in “Publish” like a picture or video is. Is it not? Thanks for your help and guide!

I have a similar issue, except my reference is to a PDF highlight, which will not show up when published. I just see the random reference text back to the PDF: ((659c4f71-6b52-4c77-a05d-9979e5110b7c))