Reformat sql query to datalog format

Hi everyone…
Could you please advise me how to reformat this query in the picture into Datalog format?

I want to make daily entries with the property “log::” and the hashtag “#on/dayReview” and on the weekly review page do a query to find those entries for each day.

(Sorry if I didn’t explain it well, I don’t speak English. I’m using a translator.:slightly_smiling_face:)

Something like:

{{query (and (between <%-6d%> <%today%>) [[on/dayreview]] )}}

Hey, thanks for the tip.
It’s a good idea to insert this template for each Sunday to make the Sunday page the weekly overview page.
But I don’t know how to then make a monthly review based on the weekly review pages.

I want it to look something like this :Weekly and monthly review in Obsidian

Alternatively, could also use the templates “show weekday and week number” to create weekly and monthly pages and “Full house template” to write queries. But I don’t know yet how to write the necessary code and queries to implement this.

Hasn’t anyone wanted to implement this in Logseq?:thinking:

Could have a look at my blog series perhaps?

Though a bit outdated from what I currently do. (you’ll also see if you read the posts chronologically that I keep changing my system)
Currently I don’t work with months anymore, but cycles (6 week periods).
However I still use weeks, and each week now gets it’s own page.
And 3 cycles also live on 1 page called a period.

These pages have start and end date properties I use to filter my information.
In this section of one of the posts I show a very basic advanced query for using the properties:

You give very helpful advice on the forum :+1:)
Thank you for replying.
I didn’t know about your blog. I will definitely familiarize myself with your blog. I am sure I will find a lot of useful things