Remnote import feature

Can u guys plz add a feature to import my notes from remnote? it is like roam research and i used to use it before. Thx! I think that u should add importing from other apps like athens research as well!

May i ask you why would you move from Remnote to logseq (it seems to me that remnote can do much more things than logseq like (linking feature is better and portals also good) but it only has no free graph view

Ofc u can. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that, first one is what you have just mentioned which is the graph view, that’s important for me and that’s a pro feature. Also, that might sound really weird but I started using RemNote since their start in the beta, at that time they had no graph view feature and the app was missing on a lot of things which was fine with me because I really loved it and wanted it to succeed, I was always giving them recommendation one of them being the graph view, but then when they finally took off and started implementing the requested features, they made the graph view a pro feature which honestly really pissed me off. There are a lot of other important features to me which are only found in the pro version(read the pricing and see the whole comparison bet the free and pro version). Last but not least, I like owning my notes, and according to my knowledge, RemNote notes are only stored on their servers and if they shut down someday, all of my notes are lost. Notion is like that as well but Notion is now a billion dollar company so the probability of them shutting down is insanely low. I might start to use RemNote again who knows but I don’t think that will be soon. Sorry for the very long clarification.

they don’t have query.
it is hard to do project management without query.

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I do believe that there is offline way and local storage (knowledge base) in remote (you can use your local knowledge base to own your notes on your local storage and also there is other way) is to (export your notes if you were using online account to a lot of forms) (HTML, Json, Markdown, text) and then you can import them to your local knowledge base and also to notion, obsidian, Roam, logseq) but still the graph view is one of the most problems with them