Remote Graph Password

Hi - I created a cloud Graph and put in a password and it continues to work. Tried to login on another machine and can’t remember the password (yes, I know…).

What do I do? Use the synced copy to create another remote graph and do better recording the password? Is there actually no way I can reset or see the password on the logseq client that still has access?

Assuming you still have your graph folder available on your hard drive, you should be able to copy that folder with a different name, then in Logseq menu in the left sidebar click to Add New Graph and select the new folder. Finally you should turn it to a “cloud” graph like you did with the previous one.

If you succeed then remove the previous graph.

I think there should be an easier like turning your graph into a local one but I haven’t tried. What I described above should be feasible though.


Thanks I did try this and copied contents into a different folder with different folder name. However Logseq seems to recognise it as the same graph I already have loaded.

Tried it on a totally different machine and the graph still recognises its remote partner and is trying to sync with it first.

Is there an environment / config parameter that also defines the name of the graph? Any way of actually turning the remote graph into a local one first?

I don’t know but maybe you could try to copy only /pages, /journal and /assets and leave out /logseq?