Remove application title from Windows

Currently, Logseq displays the application title and icon on top of the window on Windows. This may be a matter of taste, but I think it would look much cleaner without it (macOS doesn’t have this, and it looks great!). The color difference between the theme and the window chrome is a bit jarring.

That’s not controlled by logseq. That’s controlled by windows window manager, that’s why it looks different on macOS. |

As far as I know, logseq can’t control the title bar. It’s controlled by the window manager.

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Electron supports different degrees of customization of the titlebar on Windows:

One is based on this Web standard:

that is used for example by VS Code:

and Microsoft Teams:

that are applications by Microsoft. Also Spotify and many other Web-based applications use this.


Oh I didn’t know that. Thanks for the information


I support that request. It would provide a better look and feel in Windows.

I also support the request. Maybe someone already has the custom theme fix?

A mediocre half-measure (that works for every application) would be to use an AutoHotkey script that hides the title bar. Download AHK, open any text editor, paste this text

;toggle title bar
;ctrl(^) + alt(!) + t 
WinSet, Style, ^0xC00000, A

and save it as toggle title bar.ahk, then ‘open’ the file to run the script.

I stole the code directly from their docs, changing only - to ^ so the shortcut toggles states instead of only removing the title bar (so you can bring it back to move the window around).

Result:hidden title bar

Link to a previous attempt at implementing this: