Remove bullet from header

When using an outliner as Logseq, the bullets are very useful. An improvement would be to show the top level header without a bullet.

Can this be done in CSS or by marking the header as a title? I know you can switch to the document view without bullets but that is not what I want.

With bullet less headers, I think it looks much better.

I found a solution myself, make a change to the CSS:

div[level=“1”] > div > div > a .bullet-container .bullet {
background-color: transparent !important;

If you have even better solutions, please let me know.

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How does it look? Can you share a screenshot?

The big advantage is that you can add actions under the header, which are not a sub of the header. When e.g. showing actions in an overview, it will not show the parent topic as there is none.

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