Remove extra space in margin

hi, this is regarding the extra space when the right sidebar isn’t used.

i would like to get rid of the extra space; i’m very sure it could be removed using css but i can’t seem to figure out how. i think it would be a good idea as a feature as well. could someone lmk what the css code would be? thank you!

Greetings extra,

The keyboard shortcut to use wide or narrower margins is tw. Press those letters consecutively when not in edit mode (you can press ‘escape’ to exit edit mode) and the text toggles between being wide and narrow.

The narrower text space reputedly allows easier reading than having text across the page. I use the narrower view even when using Logseq in full screen, but will switch to wide on occasions.

Regards, Gary

ah i didn’t know that existed; thank you for your help!