Remove new bullet + button


The latest release (0.3.3) introduced a + button to create a new bullet.

It is quite distracting visually (it’s thin and hard to spot), brings no value (since you could already edit a new block by simply clicking), and it’s inconsistent in term of UX (for instance, it disappears when you click on another block).

Please consider removing it or making it an option?

UI simplicity contributes to make Logseq awesome!

P.S: for those who want to remove it, adding this to your custom.css will do the trick

.add-button > circle, line {
 display: none;

Instead of removing it entirely let’s make it a toggable setting?

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They need to chosse wisely toggable option, we dont want a space shuttle. I like this “+” it is discreat and alow to add line without clicking the last block and press enter.

Our workflows and even more so our tastes are different and I respect that.
For a balanced feedback, I have to admit that I like the small +.
And since you can hide it via CSS anyway, I don’t see a problem here.

@pmz thanks for providing the css for those that don’t like it

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I agree that we want to limit toggles. Settings in the config file for this kind of non-mainstream preferences might be the way to go.

On another note, talking with some other users yesterday, I learned that many didn’t know that you had always been able to create a new block by clicking the line under a block. No need to go on the last block and press enter.

That made me revise my judgment a bit as I now understand that something needed to be done to make it clearer to people that you could create a new block without having to go to the last and press enter.

I also agree with @ChrisVn: since it can be hacked with a simple CSS, that’s all good!

I’m also thinking that the button could be improved (UX/UI wise). That might come over time.

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Yep - I’m one of them. For that reason, I like it.

The problem with systems as they grow and get tweaked is that they gain great functionality that you often only find out about by accident or by reading through a very lengthy manual.

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I also find the “+” unnecessary. It’s distracting and provides little value for those who use keyboard shortcuts. But I understand some users might like it.

I propose it to appear only when hovering the mouse as the app Notion does. I attached a gif demonstrating it below:



I really like this suggestion. I think what I don’t like about the current button is also that it appears/disappears everywhere there are existing blocks. That makes it distracting.

Here’s the code to do something similar to what @filipedonadio suggested.
I removed the circle (my own preference), made the + a little thicker.

I also increased the height of the add-link, to catch the hovering sooner.

Another advantage of this code is that the “+” now only appears on the group of blocks where you want to add a new block.

.add-button-link {
     height:  200%;

.add-button-link > .add-button > line, circle {
     display: none;

.add-button-link:hover > .add-button > line {
     display: block !important;
     stroke-width: 2;
     stroke: #d0cfcd;

.add-button-link:hover > .add-button > circle {
     display: none !important;