Remove the audio from logseq

Hi all,
I pressed the button on phone.
Now my page just like this.
Is there any way to remove these two audios?

Welcome to Logseq/the community @Pauline! :wave:

Click/tap to the right of the block. You’ll go into editing mode, and all you have to do is delete the contents of the block to delete the audio player.

@Ramses does the audio file automatically get deleted from the assets folder?

No, you will still need to delete the file from the assets folder.

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I’ve try but doesn’t work.
In the end I just delete that page.
Is it possible the iOS bug?

What doesn’t work? You can’t select the audio shortcode from a block?

You need to tap on the right side of the block so it goes into editing mode. Then you delete the code that looks similar to:

![audio file name](..assets/file.mp3)