Remove the "language indicator" line in code blocks

This is not really a feature request, but a suggestion.

Currently, a code block always has an empty new line above it, for showing the c++ language indicator

This new line is visually annoying. And it is even more so when displaying linked references

The suggestion is to

  • Remove the language indicator line
  • Or move it down one line, to the first line of the code block
  • Or move it to the last line of code block

Reason being that

  • Almost all other apps/editors don’t show the language on its own line
  • It is not so useful to tell users what the language is, especially when they wrote (or paste) the code themselves

There is some unnecessary padding at the top and bottom.
For now, adding the following to custom.css in settings to remove it:

.CodeMirror-scroll {
    padding-top: 0px;
    padding-bottom: 50px;

Note that the value could change with different themes and versions.
This effectively move the language tag floating on the first line:
If you want to keep the space at the bottom, remove padding-bottom line in the css.