Removing large files from a Logseq Git repository

I use Git to track changes to my Logseq Graph and keep a remote version of my repository on GitHub (as a backup).

Tracking Logseq with Git works very well, until it doesn’t!

A few weeks ago, I added a large file (>100MB) to my graph, which was automatically tracked by Git. This prevented me from pushing any changes to my remote repository. I quickly removed references to the file from my graph, and deleted the file from the assets folder in Logseq, but the file was still tracked in the repository history. I had to remove it, but now removing it meant altering my the history of my repository.

I ignored this problem for a while, meaning that I racked up a few hundred automatic commits in the repository AFTER mistakenly adding the big file.

I resolved my issue by editing the history of my git repository, but it was a big fix relative to the small mistake I made. I have put the full steps I followed on my Blog in the hope that they might be helpful to someone else: Removing large files from a Logseq Git repository | Hamish Gibbs

If its better to repost the full workflow here, please let me know!

Thanks! Logseq is a great tool but I found this quite a difficult fix for an issue that might come up for other people.