Removing/stopping date heirarchy pages

I haven’t used Logseq since late 2022. When I came back, it seems I have a large amount of random date pages created that don’t provide any value.

There are also many pages for page attributes, like “title” which doesn’t make much sense.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to prevent these extra pages from being generated and a way to delete the ones that were created.


  • To stop/prevent them: Settings → Features → Journals
  • To remove/delete them: All pages → top-right … → Remove orphaned pages

This doesn’t exactly work. I want to use the daily journal, I just don’t want a page created for:

Fri, 07
Fri, 07/28
Fri, 07/28/2023

That’s insane.

Also, removing them as orphans does not work as most are not technically orphans because they have sub-pages in the heirarchy.

Thanks for taking a stab at it, though.

The extra pages are created because of the use of the slash (/), which is reserved for namespaces (a relatively recent feature). One way to avoid their creation is to change the format of the date (in Settings → Editor → Preferred date format, then re-index), so as it doesn’t contain a slash. As about multiple-pages filtering, selection, deletion etc., they have already been asked in various Feature Requests and will hopefully get implemented one day.

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Thanks. Will request a custom timestamp as well, as none of the available options are what I would want to use.

Selecting a date format without slashes resolved the issue for me.
The list of date options in settings includes slashes as an option as of July 31, 2023.
Pardon the newbie question - what’s the appropriate way to make a maintenance item request to have the list of date options refreshed, vs a new feature request?

A Feature Request seems appropriate even for maintenance. For general improvements, the appropriate category is Feedback.

Interestingly enough, this behavior becomes a feature when used with date format YYYY/MM/DD
an provides you with a page for each month and year