Rename query fields when renaming a page title

Currently changing a name of a page will update the links of that page, but not queries it is used in. All queries using a renamed title will break.

Would be great to update the pages name in queries as well, in addition to updating it in links.

I see this too - I’d consider it a bug.

Filed bug report: Renaming a page doesn't update queries using the page · Issue #7519 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

(Please put a like on github for any reported issues that affect you as well - that helps the devs triage/prioritize.)

Great, thanks. I liked it to upvote it.

On my side, this behaviour still occurs, but your bug report has been closed on github.
I’ve filed a new bug report to reopen it: Renaming a page doesn’t update the page name in queries · Issue #8391 · logseq/logseq (

It’s a bit annoying, as something as simple as changing the name of a page has the unintended effect of breaking queries, and without you noticing it.

Hmm sometimes I want to change the page name so it wouldn’t show up in a query.

Eg in a file system, when I change the file name because I named it wrong, I don’t want a search of the old file name to still appear. Would be really confusing.

We may mean different things. I don’t mean pages not showing up in the results of queries. But about queries themselves breaking.

Example: Say I tagged book entries with $Book and have various queries that use this, e.g. to query for books from a certain author or topic. Now I want to change the page $Book to #Books for some reason. As a result, all queries that used the old tag [$Book] will break.

But just as the (bi-directional) links are updated, so should queries be updated with a name change. How else could the queries keep working ?