Rename URLs to their fetched Page title

I noticed this ui on todoist, and really loved it. This is a common problem I have where I have to manually think of a name when I paste in a link, it would be so useful if the display title of the link was fetched from the url and displayed like so:

This allows me to think less, and just write. It allows me to offload that mental work to the work already done in the creation of the page and freed me from being interrupted each time I pasted a link to think of a caption/title

This could be nice, but I think it’ll be difficult (impossible?) to implement reliably without a backend server somewhere fetching the titles (webapps can’t make requests to other origins however they want).

I’m fine with md links (they are clean) although that’s interesting point.

Something like that should be a plugin imo.
I would vote against till there is a stable version. If added to the core app it would need to be toggleable in the settings.

RemNote implemented it, fetching title and favicon.
I’ll post how it looks in their implementation.

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Good point! Yeah, this may be a feature for future hosted versions of logesq or a plugin to resolve

Don’t know if this extension might be good enough for you Copy Title and Url as Markdown Style - Chrome Web Store

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