Renaming namespaces updates only some children pages

Hi, I am creating a business modeling tool based on logseq. I am using namespaces in a scenario similar to the one described here:

So what are use cases for namespaces? The cases with huge overlap of childs names between different parents, for example:

  • Books’ chapters, lessons numbers:
    [[My New Book Title/Chapter 1]]
    [[Another Book/Chapter 1]]
    [[An Online Course/Lesson 1]]
    [[An Online Course/Lesson 2]]

When I change the name of a page that is part of the namespace of other pages (children), it only updates the namespace for some of the children. You can see it in the following video:


Additional infnormation:

Here’s one of the pages that have not been updated (notice the hierarchy section):

  • I’ve tried re-indexing with no luck

Update: The problem seems to be related with this issue:

Any idea of what might be happening? Thanks in advance,