Repeated tasks like in org-mode


I’ve decided to try to replace several applications/tools with the Logseq…one important field is task management. I like(d) Taskwarrior, but it has problem with proper support for recurring tasks and that’s why in recent time I was using Etm which can handle complicated reminders] like Presidential election day example.

Now I see that the syntax for scheduled events does resemble the one in org-mode, so wonder about the options available in this page? For example: I’ve a task like: “mow the lawn” every 14 days. If the deadline is missed and the task was completed today instead of Sunday (two days ago), the next instance should be created in 2 weeks from today and not in two after last Sunday.

Is it possible to do it in Logseq?

Excuse me for the noise, but just got the answer, so now just wonder if there is a plan to support org-mode-styled repeaters for the Markdown-based graph?

I can live with org-mode and thanks to this feature I can leave Taskwarrior behind and start doing GTD task management within Logseq itself. :sunny:

Edit: It seems that even for Markdown it does work!!! :sunglasses:


NOTE: The link above does not seem to work. Here is an alternative GIF demonstrating how to schedule a repeatable task)

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