Repeating tasks don't behave as documented

For completeness adding this to the forum as well.
The repeater instruction from the documentation:
.+ : It’ll repeat from the last time you marked the block done.
Only works correctly when the repeater is every day. In any other scenario it gives unexpected results.

Details on GitHub:

Indeed. Neither .+ or ++ repeaters are working as expected. The current .+ logic, skip ahead to next in the future, is actually what ++ should be doing as per the Orgmode standard. Right now it’s doing exactly what ‘+’ already does except it has a bug #7731.

Surprisingly, these issues are quite old. Judging by the comments in Github, they cause quite a bit of a headache. Speaking for myself, I just realized the schedules I built for habits and recurring tasks were not updating correctly and I’ve been doing maintenance tasks that were past due sooner than necessary. When looking testing the logic, it’s madly confusing and disjointed.

Here’s the breakdown of the repeater functionality. Helped me clarify where the gaps are.

As it stands, Logseq doesn’t have a working basic repeater i.e., today+interval (.+), although it states that it does in the documentation. This repeater is used for check ins with people, chores, maintenance activities, gardening, healthcare checkups, etc.

Hopefully there’s already a plan underway to get it right.

Ah, now I understand why I did not understand… thanks!

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It does! When the interval is 1 day :joy: very very useful!
I especially love the .+ behavior for x number of days as seen in my Github post. it goes from 26th to 29th back to 26th when you increase the days by 1… :woman_shrugging:t4: I don’t even know…

Edit: OH! I understand now what you’re saying… after literally counting it out I now see what is happening.
:dizzy_face: to be honest it just makes my head spin…

Side note, I also dislike when rescheduling the type of scheduler I set gets changed back to default… but that’s another matter entirely.