Replace page namespace by block references - experiences?

For example I’d like to replace page [[Logseq/Page/Namespace]] by

<!--- -->
- Page
  - Namespace (*1)
- Block

and use block reference of (*1) instead.

- avoids filesystem limitations of pages like separate files, careful character encodings, namespace delimiter etc.
- reuse common block features already provided by the outliner. Page namespace in contrast is a bit special on its own.
- Page references are inherited to children blocks. Page namespace parents don’t inherit their links to namespace children
- use namespace parts as links or even tag them:

<!--- -->
- Page
  - Namespace
- Block
- [[Features]] #Fleeting

- If there are multiple backlinks for a block, there isn’t any filter like with pages at the bottom. Which is a limiation for blocks in general.
- Namespace is stored in one file. But I think this is neglectable: a) We already can zoom into single blocks with the editor b) Logseq database version is on its way IIRC c) less file access in filesystem => better performance d) this could be customizable with properties!
- page titles are normalized and allow different character case in references, like Upper case at start of sentence

Are blocks a good alternative to page namespaces? I’d be curious to read experiences!