[REQUEST] How do I minimise to the system tray on exit?

May I ask you all, if I want to write a plugin that enables logseq to minimise to the system tray instead of exiting when clicking the exit button, what is the best way to do it?

Logseq is built with Electron. To do that, need events into Electron main process, but the plugin is sandboxed. BrowserWindow | Electron

Good grief, I’ve now made logseq my main note-taking tool, and it would be so handy to have it memory-resident!

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I also don’t close Logseq all day.
Is there any problem with this button’s behavior?

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Currently I have noclose turned on automatically during windows startup, which prevents logseq from being turned off, combined with win +number to toggle between maximising and minimising, hopefully logseq will be able to introduce this option in the future, which would be very convenient!


I’m on Windows 11, I downloaded NoClose, but hotkeys are failing me.
Can you please share what rule you use to tell NoClose to mask the close button?