Request to add an embedded pdf option

I love to have in logseq (as the other apps had like obsidien, OneNote…) the ability to have an embedded pdf inside a page

Method 1: Inbuilt PDF Feature

Dragging and dropping a PDF inside a page allows you to reference it inline, open it on the side, and save its annotations in your page:

You can also do ![Text to preview](Link-to-PDF-file)

Method 2: iframe

If you absolutely need your PDF to display inline inside your page as view-only, use an <iframe> HTML tag like this:

<iframe src="Link-to-PDF-file" width="100%" height="650"></iframe>

Demo of both


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Iframe methode can only grab an online pdf right ? Not local in hdd

Absolute path referencing to a file in the assets folder works for me.

It can. If you’re on Windows, use:


To do:

<iframe src="file:///C:\Users\username\file\path\document.pdf" width="100%" height="650"></iframe>