Resources as pages or as blocks?

Hello again,
I am restructuring my logseq atm and came to the question if it is better to use pages or blocks for resources. Like: I have a youtube video about logseq. I am unsure if I should put them into a new page with page properties or into the logseq page with creating a header like “resources” or something. In both cases I would like to create properties for the video to make it easy to find later. Which way do you go and how would you recommend to do it? I know it’s very individual but I find it so hard to make the decision… I am only looking for how other people do and maybe why.

thank you so much!

I reserve my pages for permanent notes. Scratch notes like what I take when watching a video or reading an article go into the journal, but then I feed those into my permanent pages by linking to the page or if I have no clue i’ll add some block properties and tag it with subject keywords so I can find it again in the future.

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A little bit similar to @Zyrohex I start in the journal.
I will make a new note with a template. When the amount of notes I take on a resource gets too much I may give it it’s own page. (usually with an article when I have more than 1-2 quotes that speak to me I may make a page)
I will have properties on the block that then get moved to the page, along with any notes. The block in the journal will then become a link to that page.

That said, if I make a page, it will only contain quotes from the resource, a link to the resource in properties. It will not contain my own personal notes.
My personal notes go on a page for the related concept and may get a footnote to the resource.

I’m not very heavy on PKM, so don’t have many examples. I have done the above for my page on Zettelkasten though:

I will add direct quotes as block references.
So on the resource page
> A quote from this resource
and then on the concept page
((block uuid))

  • There are many discussions on the matter.
  • A video about Logseq should go either:
    • to its own page
      • if your graph is about videos
    • to page videos
      • if your graph is primarily about Logseq
    • to page Logseq/videos
      • if your graph is about multiple applications
    • to page Logseq
      • in every other case I can currently think of
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thank you all for your inspiration. I found a way now that works for me.
Since I have one graph that should hold my whole life and connect things I now use the journal and a collector tag for unseen inputs and add them to the right page or create a new one if that’s a bigger resource that I want to write more about than just a few lines.

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