Respect lowercase page link, when page title is capitalized

For example, create a page “Specification” - note capital “S” - and put some content inside:

- some content

Now reference this page in another note:

- Here is a link to the [[specification]]

Note lowercase “s”. Markdown file correctly stores lower case “s”, but Logseq editor shows me
“Here is a link to the [[Specification]].” This is a bit annoying with multiple occurences, as it disturbs reading flow of the sentence.

Suprisingly, the other way works correctly: page title “specification” is shown capitalized, when referencing it with “[[Specification]]”.

So my request is to allow different cases at least for the first word token. Thanks!

Just a quick note:
This had been fixed in the meantime and worked! But recent changes reverted back to the old error (above description).
I think this has to do with commit fix: display page's original name when possible by tiensonqin · Pull Request #8773 · logseq/logseq · GitHub and behavior of displaying only the original name and not considering letter case adjustments in a page reference? Can’t give more concrete commit ranges, sorry.