Respect lowercase page link, when page title is capitalized

For example, create a page “Specification” - note capital “S” - and put some content inside:

- some content

Now reference this page in another note:

- Here is a link to the [[specification]]

Note lowercase “s”. Markdown file correctly stores lower case “s”, but Logseq editor shows me
“Here is a link to the [[Specification]].” This is a bit annoying with multiple occurences, as it disturbs reading flow of the sentence.

Suprisingly, the other way works correctly: page title “specification” is shown capitalized, when referencing it with “[[Specification]]”.

So my request is to allow different cases at least for the first word token. Thanks!

Just a quick note:
This had been fixed in the meantime and worked! But recent changes reverted back to the old error (above description).
I think this has to do with commit fix: display page's original name when possible by tiensonqin · Pull Request #8773 · logseq/logseq · GitHub and behavior of displaying only the original name and not considering letter case adjustments in a page reference? Can’t give more concrete commit ranges, sorry.

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I’d like this behaviour too. Although some systems allow and to co-exist, I believe Logseq can only have one page of the same name (doesn’t support case sensitivity). Being able to link the page using whichever casing you’d like and for it to be rendered as written would be nice.

keywords: case, upper case, lower case, uppercase, lowercase, casing, letter, letter case, grammar, link, reference

(See Upper-/lowercase link to page should display in the case it's written - #2 by sandfish)

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Make sense. Would you like to submit a PR to fix it?

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@Junyi_Du Totally would like to! I am a Clojure greenhorn and my first goal for now will be to create a Logseq development environment, so I can compile own builds. Always wanted to have that, but time is lacking.

If it should take longer for me: Maybe create issue with “good first issue” label on GitHub with a bit of help assist?

  • rough code line hints, where to poke around
  • Also: There apparently were already attempts to fix this and at some point this worked (see above post). Could be helpful to have clarification if it did cause complications.

Here are some useful links to get started, but feel free to ask if you need more guidance. I’m sure @Junyi_Du or another dev from the team is happy to help a (potential) contributor :pray:

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