Retroactively change Journal Titles

when you change the date-formatter

This bothered me as well, when I changed my format. I ended up manually renaming any future pages I created. Then, as I encounter past pages (e.g. as referencing today or in a topic page) I simply rename them manually. Sometimes, I’ll take a minute and run through “all pages” and rename a few. Not awesome but leaving this here as a workflow for those who are looking for workflow (not for “all or nothing” people).

Hi Scott,

How do I change the date format for daily notes. As is possible for So instead of Feb 21nd, 2021 to Monday. Feburary. 22nd, 2021?

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In the “config.edn” file (see “all files” in the right “…” menu) or get to it from the Settings page, under “:project {” you will want to edit the “:date-formatter” setting - Mine is set to “yyyy-MM-dd”.

I believe they are using Moment.js -

So your format string would be something like “MMMM Do, YYYY”.

Finally, you’d have to go back and re-name all your previous Journal files. Your new files (dailies, etc) should get created with the new date format.

Hi @Scott_MacDonald is that you are referring to?

If it is, I need to take a better look as I can’t see the “date formatter” setting.

That is the file, you would just add the line right above the “;; Git Settings”:

;; my settings
:date-formatter “MMMM Do, YYYY”



Does it update automatically? Nothing has happened yet.

Thank you for all your help! :slight_smile:

For me, it happened the day when the new journal page got created. I’m not sure if you need to re-index the graph (only do this is all your local changes are committed if using Github). I think I had an issue with my mobile phone. The browser hadn’t updated my settings so the wrong file was used if I went to the site on my phone. This stopped after i figured out how to clear my local storage are reload the site.

Have you tried using /DatePicker to add a new daily page you haven’t created before? I should use the new date format (sorry, just a user and not an expert!).

I believe this is now sorted, so closing the FR. Thanks