Revising setup -- across devices

I want to use Logseq with Obsidian. At least I think I do. I have Logseq on three devices–iPhone, iPad, MacBook–each set up at different times. I’ve just discovered the Logseq folders and files in my Logseq directory in iCloud Drive. But they look a mess: duplicated folders on multiple levels. (See attached screen shot.)

I think some house cleaning, maybe starting over with fresh installs, is in order. Hopefully the screen shot will enable some to advise me about what I should do.

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it looks like you created new Logseq graphs inside each other (nested).

I recommend not using ‘logseq’ as the name of your graph. use something else such as ‘myNotes’.

I’m unclear about “graph.” I had been assuming it referred to a content directory, e.g., in my case my Obsidian vault/directory. Assumed the specifically Logseq folders were Logseq configuration-related.

A logseq graph is the same as an Obsidian Vault.

This is the typical structure of a Logseq graph or a folder that contains your notes:

My Graph
├── assets
├── journals
├── logseq
└── pages

whats causing confusing in your case is that ‘My Graph’ is named ‘logseq’ too

├── assets
├── journals
├── logseq
└── pages

and you added other ones inside each other and now it’s a tangled web

Sorry to be so dense. I assumed the Logseq files would be in a folder separate from my graph/Obsidian file. So they should be within the graph/Obsidian directory?

Attached is another screenshot. Of my Obsidian folder. It shows most of the Logseq folders. There isn’t one for assets, though I set up for it in Obsidian settings. And the Pages folder has only a few most recent data files. The main collection of data files are in the main data/graph folder, called “zettlekasten” in this case.

Should I just delete the confused mess of Logseq folders I showed in the first screenshot?

I set up Obsidian for use of my Obsidian vault by Logseq according to the instructions here: Making Obsidian play nice with Logseq

I would recommend creating a new graph to get a bit familiar with the way logseq stores date.
All markdown files in logseq are stored inside the /pages folder.

the assets folder gets created once you add an asset for the first time. i.e. if you add an image or a PDF document

Should I delete everything Logseq-related from my system?

My initial set ups were done with hardly any reference to documentation or how-tos. Anything you’d recommend I check out before I start over?

Appreciate you sticking with me in this mess>

@EricWeir no worries ik it can be hard at the start.
You don’t ‘need’ to delete anything.

you can just create a new graph in a new folder.

  1. create a new empty folder on your desktop, name it something descriptive other than logseq for example ‘notes’.
  2. create a new graph within logseq and select that folder: