Right-align the values of page properties/block properties, while making line wrapping occur only in the value area of the page properties/block properties

for example:
a page properties in logseq shown like this:

we can see its value not align in a line.
I hope the values of page properties/block properties can right align, just like this:

it is a nice-to-have feature, if custom.css can do this will be very nice.

Awesome UI or Awesome Styler plugin has this.

both of your mentioned plugin don’t have this, but the author of these plugin recently published a new plugin named logseq-awesome-props solved my problem.

here is url of this plugin: GitHub - yoyurec/logseq-awesome-props: 📋 Restyled and iconized properties for Logseq ala Notion/Tana

It was in Awesome UI and only a few days ago the author moved the functionality in its own plugin.

Maybe don’t ask questions and look for answers two months later.