Right-click in a link to "Copy to clipboard"

Right now, it only does “Search with Google”. I’d love if it could also give you the option to copy the link to the clipboard.

Screen Capture on 2022-09-05 at 10-26-11

Surprising to me that this isn’t already a thing! There are quite a few reasons why one might want to do this.

Q. Is it possible to select text in the rendered page? At present if I click anywhere I start selecting source code. A particular issue when trying to copy something (link or text) from a table.

My current workaround for getting links out of Logseq is to drag and drop into the other application e.g. browser address bar.

I second this. I work using two browsers for specific workflows and only one can be my computer’s “default browser”.

Agree, this would be great. Currently having to enter edit mode in the block just to copy the (potentially very long) URL is pretty annoying. Right click > copy link seems to be the way that most other apps offer this functionality.

I just wanted to write another feature request because I miss this functionality as well. I would really appreciate to have this feature in the desktop version.

If you right-click on a link in a web page, you can copy that link to display in a different browser, other than your default browser. Logseq could do the same.