Right Side Bar doesn't minimize as expected in MacOS

Hi everyone!

Whenever I minimize the right side bar in Logseq, the right side bar contents disappear but the main content doesn’t expand to use that space. This only seems to happen in Journals, but not in Pages

I did add some custom.css to make the main content container full width so that the problem is easier to see on screenshots, but it happens with or without the custom css.

I’m new to logseq & just learning the ropes, so apologies in advance if this is not a real bug or this has been discussed before. I did do a search of right side bar issues, & I didn’t see any results about this.

I use Logseq on my MacBook (Pro, M1) & several Windows machines, synchronized using iCloud. This issue seems to happen only on the MacBook.

If there are workarounds or fixes for this, much thanks in advance for sharing.