Right Sidebar "Card" always on-top of the stack (quick access to the Contents Page in the Right Sidebar)?

Hi guys I need to have a Right Sidebar “Card” pinned to the top of the stack, is there a way to make this possible? Right now all blocks or pages that we shift-click into the right sidebar and up at the top of all the cards that were previously opened in this way, so, if I have my Home Page set to Contents, the Contents Page will be the single card on the right sidebar when opening Logseq but will quickly be lost at the bottom of the stack if I shift-click some other pages/blocks I work on into the right sidebar.

I need my Contents page to be always on top of the stack to have access to whatever I put in there for quick access. Is that possible?

You may want to try the Tabbed Sidebar plugin because it let you keep a page on top while the rest is organized in tabs.

I actually tried the plugin but it doesn’t have any key bindings for accessing the tabs via keyboard (or at least I haven’t found one - Open Settings in the plugin shows a “{}” in the json file …). I’d also expect a different Shortcut from the standard Shift-Click because the horizontal space in the Right Sidebar is limited and I can’t possibly open too many pages as Tabs. So either the Right Sidebar Tabs should be Vertical at the screen margin or allow a few to be opened as Tabs and the rest as “Cards”. This latest issue alone renders it non-usable or me :frowning: