Roam Extension Import

RoamJS and other roamcult believers are creating extensions, such as the Google Calendar one or the RoamBot that are super nifty and I imagine would work 1 to 1 in Logseq as well.
I am curious if it wouldn’t be easier to somehow create something that enables Logseq users to copy their extensions like plugins (instead of completely rewriting it for Logseq). One such option could be a virtual machine I imagine.
I would love to see this crosspollination happening!

Roam’s and Logseq’s plugin architecture are very different so that wouldn’t be feasible. Also, Logseq’s plugin ecosystem is already very mature, and I’d argue more mature than Roam’s at this point. Just have a look at ... > Plugins > Marketplace within Logseq.

I see your point. Building something like an emulator or virtual machine would not be lean programming and given that there already is a rich ecosystem of plug-ins…
Thanks for your pointing me to the plugins, I did not know that there is a Google Calendar Plugin. [I made it work and noticed that it is necessary to restart logseq after inputting the calendar link.]

(On a more general note, I need to Logseq sync near instantly and for there not to be issues with using mobile and desktop (and web) in parallel! Until this basic feature is implemented I feel forced to primarily use Roam - I am looking forward to exporting the graph and using it with Logseq then however :wink:

When you install a new plugin, it’s always good to refresh Logseq to properly load the plugin (Cmd-R or Ctrl-R is enough).

This is something we’re working on and we’re currently doing internal tests of our encrypted sync services.

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