Roam Theme for Logseq

Hey everyone, new to Logseq and trying Roam at the same time. After a day switching back and forth to both I’m really liking Logseq. My main issue is the UX in terms of readability. The main pane is far too wide for me, the text is too big, not enough contrast, and the spacing between the blocks is too small. It’s wild that the Roam and Logseq default themes are so close yet Roam is light years easier for me to read and absorb information.

I’m not a coder and have limited CSS knowledge but I was able to figure out how to change the width to something similar to Roam and also get the font size down. Then I was able to use the Inspector to get the bg color of Roam and what I think is the spacing between blocks but I don’t know how to enter that into the custom CSS section.

Anyone have a link handy with the formatting needed to enter those things?

And if I’m asking, I might as well go all in. I’d love to be able to thin out and darken up the lines and darken the bullet points if possible because lack of contrast makes my eyes blur over time.

Thanks for any leads!

Edit: A thought crossed my mind, if people have the info, I’m happy to come up with a custom CSS formatting template to change all the visuals we see in Logseq and provide links to custom colors and fonts.

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Hey salted!

There are a number of custom, user-created themes that you can download directly from the Logseq desktop app, including a Roam theme.

If you have CSS knowledge, I definitely encourage you to create a custom theme, or collaborate with the other user who created the custom Logseq Roam theme. Looks like ot hasn’t been updated since 2020, but it coule be a good starting point.

Thanks! I couldn’t find any so I made a few tweaks to my CSS and got pretty close. I have zero idea how to create a theme so if anyone out there wants to help I can feed them the details of the changes I made.

Awesome, definitely share it! :smiley:

If you want to collaborate with others on the code, I highly suggest posting your .css file on GitHub or Gitlab. You’ll need to publish it on GitHub anyway to have it be shared in the theme directory for others to use.

I’ve never done that before. Do I just copy and paste what I did and name it?

You’ll first want to create a GitHub account, and then create a new repository. In there, you can either upload your customized .css file directly, or create a .css file and paste your code there.

Here’s a video: Creating folders and uploading files on github - YouTube

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