Salut from Romania, eager to try Logseq as a LifeOS :)

Open Source Advocate, Linux, Cloud and IT engineer, looking to transfer my KB and every other aspect of written stuff into MarkDown format and Logseq looks like it’s capable to make that process beautiful and functional besides open. Looking forward to learn and reduce friction between input and functionality. I started yesterday with Logseq after having known about if for a month or more and trying in the meantime Trilium for a short time for being server-based but it being database-based wasn’t working for me as I need scripts and other mark-down apps to be able to read the files. Hopefully the experience with Logseq will be transforming :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Logseq forum!
I am selfishly always happy to see more techies use Logseq :sweat_smile:
Logseq been a pleasure for me thus far, and it feels great to know that anyone can contribute to it and be part of the project.

It’s good to remember that Logseq syntax is a superset of Markdown. So set your expectations accordingly when you want to switch between apps. Logseq is not a markdown editor; you shouldn’t use it as one, IMO.

There are some exciting projects though like the LSP server by @WhiskeyJack

which will allow for better editing experince in other editors like Vim.

Other cool stuff from the Logseq team, such as:

TBH, the amount of things you can already do is overwhelming; so take it one step at a time!

Also feel free to join the conversation on Discord or Matrix.
The discord server is publically indexed at another open source project.

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Welcome! Nice to have more FOSS allies in this community.

In addition to what Bad3r pointed out, notice that Logseq can run a local HTTP server that exposes the same API available to plugins, so it’s possible to interact with your KB using HTTP+JSON locally or over a network.