Salutations from Kalifornia

Hi everyone.

I was burned out in the Paradise California “Camp Fire” (sparked by our local power utility failing to replace powerline hooks for almost 100 years) over 4 years ago (and am still waiting for restitution).

A friend of mine took pity on my constructive homelessness and made a sweet deal for me to buy his boat to live on, so now I’m back and forth between the Bay Area and Paradise (where I still have some stuff in the “burn scar” I’m slowly liquidating).

I’ve been a professional software engineer and system’s consultant off and on since the early 1980’s. I’ve also had a special interest car restoration shop, done tons of legal/regulatory work, lectured, written/published some FOSS, sailed (plus owned and worked on several boats), and currently am starting a mobile auto diagnostics business.

The languages/system’s I’ve used/liked are: Linux, Forth, Bash, Perl, Awk, Lisp/Clojure/Scheme, emacs, orgmode, assembler, C, (and of course a smattering of older stuff that’s no longer relevant).

I’ve come to logseq as kind of a natural progression from the orgmode/lisp environment.

My main goals with it right now are to help maintain my knowledge base of auto diagnostics, CRM, task/time management, billing, etc…



Welcome Kevin,

Sounds like you’ve had a bit going on!

Regards, Gary


Yeah, it’s been a bit of a wild ride!