Save Logseq journal entries in single file? re: org-mode agenda view in Emacs

Doom emacs user here, primarily for Org-mode and Org-mode’s Agenda*

I’m curious if Logseq supports or would support using a single file for Journal entries rather than having them all in separate files.

I also really like logseq, and (like others!) am interested in trying to use the two together, and have toyed with it a bit. One thing that seemed promising was adding the Logseq Journal folder to my org-genda file listing (ie: which emacs uses to know what files to include in your Agenda). That gets problematic though b/c In order to parse all your org-agenda files to compile your todos, Org mode opens all your org-agenda files in the background**

I’m wondering if there is an option to have a single file for my daily Journal entries (I know this could become long, but in emacs org-mode that’s not an issue (since it’s just plain text)). This would improve performance dramatically since Org wouldn’t have to open so many journal files.

I guess one work around for this is to have a single page in Logseq that I use for my daily entries, and just use a template for that. And then base my queries etc in Logseq off that page and not from the Journals. But still, i think enough org-mode users would be interested in this to merit looking into it if it’s not currently possible.

* which is amazing and worth a look if you haven’t heard of it. Quick intro: David O'Toole Org tutorial. detailed intro via Doom Emacs (which is also great):
** Agenda speedup and optimization