Save to local iPad files for browser client

The GitHub browser client works quite well on iPad. This completes the picture of a cross platform GitHub-enabled sync between GitHub browser clients. Perhaps a native iPadOS app would work better, but the browser version at the least provides a bridge between now and the mobile apps that are planned for several months in the future.

However, the local file system storage option has not yet been extended to the iPad browser version. It should be an easy feature to provide: a folder visible in the iPad Files app which is the top level for the standard journal / logseq / pages folders, just like the desktop approach.

Apart from iCloud, which is Apple’s preferred way of delivering cross platform sync, Dropbox and OneDrive etc also would work well. The logseq browser client does not need to know how or if the local iPad files it references are synced into a cloud. It just needs to ensure that any updates are detected and displayed.

Does anyone know if this is technically feasible?

I’m out of my league, but as far as I can tell, none of the browsers on iPads support the file system access API, which is the api logseq uses to communciate with the filesystem. So implementing this would require finding&implementing a whole other way to communicate with the filesystem, no?

I have access to the Obsidian mobile app so I’m currently using that on my iPhone, syncing via iCloud with Logseq’s desktop app. I wrote some instructions to get Obsidian and Logseq to work together. If you don’t have access to that, you could also try 1Writer or other markdown editors that support the wikilink syntax.

Thanks, I’ll give obsidian a try for now then— didn’t realize they had a mobile app.

The mobile app is only available to “supporters” right now, as a kind of “closed beta” but it is working pretty well. All the same features as the desktop app.

Please I’m sponsor user , can I install it ?

Please ask in the Obsidian forums (or Discord) for more info about the mobile app.

I have closed this as it it quite dated and there have been a lot of improvements since the post was made.