Saved to disc vs saved to logseq

I am using Logseq in iCloud, which works fine with one exception: it is a page where I only use templates to collect structured information. everytime I re-open logseq, the latest changes on that page are gone and when I click on the page, it tells me there a two versions of the page, one on disk and one on logseq. The one on disk contains the latest changes and I restore the page. but Logseq and I play the same game over and over again, every time I re-open Logseq.
Can anyone help why this keeps happening?

Thinking about it: a second difference is that this is a page created through a tag, not by actually creating a page using []. And going to my pages folder, I cannot see any page that originates from a tag… which leads to my second question: where can I find my tag pages?


References (like tags) don’t generate pages on the file system, until some content is entered directly inside them.

Thanks! this is not clear from Logseq’s explanation from the differences between tags and pages, where it says ‘these are mainly visual’…
Adding content did not do the job, though. I tried with a line of text, still no saved page from a # . Which means that I now create a redundancy: a page with the same title as my #, and the # as a property to the page so they link back here… not sure this is the most clever solution.